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Verapamil (Hydrochloride)
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Verapamil (Hydrochloride) #49079

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Chemical structure of Verapamil (Hydrochloride).

Product Usage Information

Verapamil (Hydrochloride) is supplied as a lyophilized powder. For a 10 mM stock, reconstitute 5 mg of powder in 1.02 ml of water. Working concentrations and length of treatment can vary depending on the desired effect.


Store lyophilized at room temperature, desiccated. In lyophilized form, the chemical is stable for 24 months. Once in solution, store at -20ºC and use within 3 months to prevent loss of potency. Aliquot to avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Product Description

Molecular Weight 491.1 g/mol


Molecular Formula

C27H38N2O4 • HCl

CAS 152-11-4
Solubility Soluble in water at 25 mg/ml.


Verapamil (Hydrochloride) is a phenylalkylamine racemic mixture that inhibits the influx of extracellular calcium ions into myocardial and vascular smooth muscle cells by blocking L-type calcium channels and is commonly used in the treatment of high blood pressure, angina, and heart arrhythmias (1). Research has shown that Ca2+ channel blockers, such as Verapamil (Hydrochloride), can mediate Influenza A viral entry into cells (2). Studies have also shown Verapamil (Hydrochloride) to be an inhibitor of drug efflux pump proteins, such as P-glycoprotein, resulting in the reversal of multidrug resistance by tumor cells (3). As an L-type calcium channel antagonist, Verapamil (Hydrochloride) effectively inhibits Ebolaviruses (EBOV) infection with an IC50 value of 4 μM (4).

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For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.
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