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Education in Science

Seeding Labs grants us an opportunity to give back globally. Just because our labs may have outgrown a piece of equipment, doesn’t mean that device can’t continue on a useful life somewhere else. Our retired lab gear has made its way to 37 universities in 21 different countries and counting. This helps us reduce waste, educate young scientists, and build a collaborative scientific community.

There is great value in exposing our youth to science early on. We believe that education in science has the potential to spark interest and seed curiosity in young minds, making it critical to the future of sustained scientific discovery. Many of us in the life sciences industry can look back to a certain mentor or experience that steered the course of our education and re-shaped our understanding of the world during our formative years. The Education in Science program offered by CST is run by a committee of CST employees that provide support to local public schools by giving science teachers the opportunity to seek additional funding for resources that keep science fun and engaging. Grants from CST have funded a wide range of classroom scientific equipment from compound microscopes and electrophoresis equipment to digital scales and chemical sensors. Our partnerships with local schools extend throughout the surrounding communities of Beverly, Danvers, Hamilton-Wenham, Manchester, Salem, Peabody, Topsfield, Middleton, Boxford, Rockport, Gloucester, and Lynn. To apply for an EIS grant please visit our Grants Program page.

CST Science Scholarships

A highly educated workforce fuels the success of our scientific footprint. Thus we rely on public and private schools to inspire the next generation of scientists. One way we can make a difference is to help relieve some of the debt that students take on during their first four years of college. We hope to provide guidance to students in their junior year of high school in choosing a path that could help nurture their interest in science, while at the same time providing a sense of financial security for their college years. Five public high schools in Boston's North Shore have been selected to participate in the scholarship program. Eligibility requirements, applications, and more information can be found on our CST Science Scholarship page.

Summer Internship Program

One of our most successful community initiatives is our Summer Internship Program, which runs from late May through Mid-August. By employing and training students from our surrounding communities and colleges, CST is able to provide our summer interns with a positive hands-on experience at the bench, where they can help perform experiments and learn valuable technical skills from our knowledgeable CST scientists. Many of the student interns are invited to continue their internship for consecutive years, and after completing their science degrees, some return to CST as full-time employees.

Qualified candidates must be enrolled as a rising Senior in High School and have successfully completed a Chemistry and Biology class OR be enrolled in an Undergraduate program in STEM or Business. Graduate students are not eligible for this program, although we encourage you to consider other employment opportunities at CST! Applications will be accepted from January 5th - February 2nd and should include a resume, recommendation letter, a copy of an unofficial transcript, and a 60-second video introducing yourself and why you would like to intern at CST. To apply, please visit our careers page during the above-mentioned application period. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Weekly Science Lecture Series

Much like in an academic environment, our corporate culture recognizes the importance of maintaining a creative edge for innovation. We encourage our scientists to attend weekly seminars held in the Yi Tan Memorial lecture hall, where visiting scientists and specialists from around the country present their research. This fosters collaborations and keeps CST scientists informed about the latest technologies and trends.

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